Smart grid solar
for any use

CloudSolar® is a way solar can be used without owning panels or making long term commitments. This technology can be embedded into all types of equipment, appliances, consumer electronics or software.

Our platform uses software to allow any connected device or application to match its energy use to real solar sources.

CloudSolar can also enable unconnected devices, services or processes to match their energy use to real solar sources.

We have already applied the technology to solar for plug-in equipment, phone apps, hotel rooms, music festivals and a music video.

"90% of Americans overwhelmingly prefer solar."

Bring Value to your Company with Solar

CloudSolar creates value by connecting businesses and consumers around the use of solar. Unlike traditional sustainability initiatives, each of our programs is designed to bring ongoing consumer engagement and enhanced brand value, both at the point of purchase and well beyond. Learn more about some of the possibilities for your business.

Electric Utilities

Consumer Brands

Appliance and Electronics Manufacturers

Retail and Service Businesses

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How Does it Work?

The CloudSolar platform allows for easy use of solar wherever electricity is used. We obtain the rights to certified solar production and make these available as SunJoule® solar energy microcredits - discrete increments of available solar. Using SunJoules creates more demand for solar energy, while also helping fund charitable solar projects through our sister nonprofit,


All types of appliances, electronics and equipment for consumer use can be connected to CloudSolar, providing real time solar validation at the point of use. Facility level metering can also be utilized for customers who want to completely cover their electrical footprint. Our developer API also enables nearly any customized application.

Commercially Available Products

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This Bluetooth connected smart plug provides scheduling and control of whatever is plugged in, as well as power and energy readings over time. It communicates directly with user's smartphone via BLE, making it suitable for portable use cases. Contact us for wholesale pricing.

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SunPort® Power Strip

Big brother to the plug, this device provides 6 individually controlled outlets as well as 3 USB charging ports. The power strip operates on wifi so it you can see and control it from anywhere in the world. Currently available for bulk orders only.

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Facility Offsets

Suitable for manufacturing, retail, or office space as an alternative to other green power programs. Based on utility data we can tailor a plan to meet your needs - anything from covering your entire electrical footprint, to a fixed percentage or a particular budgeted price.

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Customized Applications

Our technology can be licensed and our API accessed for products that you manufacture or software programs that you create. When energy consumption can't easily be measured, such as for an event or process, we are happy to provide estimation guidelines.

Discontinued Pilot Projects


On demand solar for occupied hotel rooms. This was implemented facility wide in a pilot project at Hotel Santa Fe, but it could also be implemented as a premium service, whether separately charged or complementary.

"Run My Phone on Solar"

A free phone app that monitors phone power use and matches it to solar. Provided to all users as a free service funded by sponsorship messages.

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